You may elect to cancel your request for an an appearance via Special Appearance App at any time prior to the time of the assigned appearance, in which case you may be charged a cancellation fee. This payment structure is intended to fully compensate appearing attorneys for time and service provided.

If a requesting attorney confirms an acceptance and cancels thereafter, there will be a charge payable to the accepting attorney minus $10 service fee as follows:

Cancel 9-24 hours =  There is no fee.

Cancel 2-8 hours   =  $35

Cancel within 2 hours = $60

You acknowledge and agree that Special Appearance App only facilitates the connection, communication, and payment between you and other users. Any and all substantive communication, services, and work relating to an appearance is between you and the attorney making your appearance. Special Appearance App cannot and does not make any representations or guarantees concerning the quality and/or nature of the work provided by users. Special Appearance App does not have the right to, and shall not, in any way, direct, control, or comment on the performance of any user of the App. Special Appearance App may, in Special Appearance App’s sole discretion, investigate any concern regarding an appearance and determine whether or not to issue a partial or full refund of paid Charges.