What is the Special Appearance App?

The Special Appearance App is a fast, easy way to link with other Attorneys to specially appear for you on routine court matters.

Likewise, Special Appearance App is a fast, easy way for attorneys to make a lot of extra money and network with other attorneys by calling cases for other attorneys in courtrooms where it’s convenient to appear.

Is Special Appearance App available in my Counties and Courtrooms?

SA App is similar to social match making sites where the user determines the filters. If you need to find an attorney in a certain County or Courthouse location, you enter that in the field when posting a request.

Likewise, if you are willing to make appearances, you set your filter for only the counties you want to receive notifications of posted requests.

Every county in every state is included in the App.

What if I post a request and there are no responses or multiple responses?

When you post a request, notifications go out to all users who have the selected County “turned on” in their settings. If multiple attorneys respond to the request, the Requesting Attorney can accept any one of those Attorneys. The other attorneys will be notified that the appearance was fulfilled.

If there are no interested attorneys in the County you request, then you will receive no responses. You will have to make your own arrangements using other means. SA App assumes no responsibility to get your matter covered, we are simply a convenient way for Attorneys to find and pay for help.

What does it cost?

The Requesting Attorney is charged $60 and the Appearing Attorney is paid $50. The Requesting Attorney’s credit card is charged as soon as the appearance is completed by the Appearing Attorney.  The Appearing Attorney will receive a check in the mail approximately 1 week after the matter is completed.

How does the Appearing Attorney know what to do in court?

SA App allows the Requesting Attorney to put in enough details in the request to direct the Appearing Attorney on what to do.

Likewise, the Appearing Attorney is allowed to fill in the details of the outcome of the Appearance.

In addition, once the requested Appearance is accepted and confirmed, the contact information for both Attorneys is accessible. So if there are any questions or issues, each attorney will have the email, text, and phone number of each other.

What if one of the Attorneys cancels the Appearance?

If the Accepting Attorney cancels before being confirmed, there is no reliance by the Requesting Attorney and nothing happens.

If the Accepting Attorney cancels after being confirmed, the Requesting Attorney is sent an email and a notification through the app, and the request is automatically reposted.  It is incumbent on the cancelling Attorney to contact the Requesting Attorney who has confirmed and relied on the Accepting Attorney.

If the Requesting Attorney cancels before there is a confirmed acceptance, there is no reliance by the Accepting Attorney and nothing happens.

If the Requesting Attorney cancels after there is a confirmed acceptance, there may be a charge applied to the cancelling Attorney and money forwarded to the Accepting Attorney. Please see our cancellation policy. If the cancellation is at the last minute, we assume the Appearing Attorney relied and altered their schedule to fulfill the request, and the money will be charged and paid as if the appearance was fulfilled.

What is SA App’s responsibility to the users?

SA App is a fast, easy way to find an attorney and pay them for specially appearing on matters in court. The App does not employ Attorneys and does not make any representations as to the qualifications or quality of the Attorneys using the app.

We have found though, that in most cases the Accepting Attorneys are experienced, local attorneys practicing in their home courts and familiar with the local rules and practices. The App is not designed for, nor very practical for, attorneys traveling to distant courts. In most cases the Requesting Attorney will be familiar with the Accepting Attorneys.  Before choosing an Accepting Attorney, the Requesting Attorney will be able to read the attorney’s bio and can choose to do due diligence themselves before confirming an acceptance.

What about 1099’s?

When required, SA App will issue the appropriate tax forms to the payees. Each attorney who was charged money by SA App will receive itemized accounting and can obtain the information from their App history to compute the appropriate tax deductions.